News · North County Cheer Teams Had Excellent Performances at Camp This Summer

The North County varsity  cheer squad went to camp at CMU in June.  Here is how they performed at camp:
They had 7 nominations for All-American:  Ashton Malady( Sophomore- 1st year cheerleader), Alaynah Logan (Junior), Lydia Martinez (Junior),  Taylor Norris (Junior), Dee Berg (Senior- 1st year cheerleader) Sophia Welch (Senior).  Dee Berg received All-American honors, and Sophia Welch received Top Gun Jumps.  All of the girls received recognition for St. Jude.  The cheer team also had 4 girls in the 360 club:  Madilynne Jones, Sophia Barton, Braylee Montgomery, and Macy McCarty.  The cheer team had two girls chosen by the staff and teams for pin it forward:  Ashton Malady and Taylor Norris.  The cheer team also received a bid to Nationals!
The North County JV cheer team went to SEMO in July.  Here is how they performed at camp:
All 14 girls were nominated for All-American:  Freshman- Leyna Stillman, Abbi Sanders, Gracie Cox, Arianna Slover, Mikala Gile, Gillian Rouggly, Darcey Wright, Emma LaChance, Autumn Karsch, and Lilly Hensley.
Sophomores:  Makayla Beard, Ashton Malady, Selena Smith, Emma Moon.
Two girls received All-American:  Ashton Malady and Leyna Stillman.
Two girls were chosen by staff and other teams for Pin-It forward:  Gillian Rouggly and Darcey Wright.
The whole team received recognition for St. Jude.
The team also received: 1st place Top Cheer (This was also against Varsity teams), Top Motions (Against every team(JV and Varsity teams)), Nationals Bid, Spirit Stick all 3 days, and Stunt Safety.
The coaches received:
Coach Credentials, Outstanding Veterans, and Abbey Harris received the positivity prepared award (preparing the team).